How To Check Air Quality In Your Home?


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EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has revealed that the air inside our homes and buildings are on an average two to five times more polluted than the air in industrialized cities. Allergens which breed in homes like dust mites, mildew, mold can cause irritations like sneezing, headaches, sinusitis and even lead to complex problems like asthma.

Radon is the second most major cause of lung-cancer causing as many as 25000 deaths every year. The problem arises when homes are built over "polluted air-zones" which trap the gas inside. When inhaled radon reacts with lungs and causes the cancer. Another deadly pollutant is the carbon monoxide gas.

Checking air quality in your home depends on how keen are we to maintain hygiene in our homes. Regular household cleaning, washing beds, pillows and removing mold growth are some of the ways we can clean the air in our homes. To detect the quality of radon in our homes, there are Radon test kits available. . You can also purchase a carbon monoxide detector which functions like a smoke detector. It goes off when the carbon monoxide levels become too high.

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