What Is The Difference Between ''anuresis'' And ''enuresis'' ?


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'Anuresis' (or Oliguria) means to have a low amount of urine produced within the body. This is clinically classified as being below 300 to 500 ml per day. The decreased amount of urine could be from renal failure, dehydration, or urinary retention or obstruction among others.

'Enuresis' is generally known as bed wetting in a child up to the age of five and at times even older. Most children outgrow bed wetting by themselves, but there are certain things that can help.

Bed wetting can be a problem for about 15 per cent of kids by the time they are five, and five per cent between the ages of eight and 11. Some of the causes for having enuresis in a child could include a bladder that is small or not recognising when their bladder is actually full. This will often be outgrown as their bladder starts growing and the nerves develop. Sometimes constipation could also be a culprit. The bowel that is backed up could limit the expanding bladder and cause bed wetting accidents at night time.

There are a couple of treatment options available, other than to wait for children outgrowing the enuresis. Most pharmacies will stock moisture alarms that will emit an alarm if it gets damp. A drug called Desmopressin acetate will increase production of an anti diuretic hormone. This will lower the urine production at night time. Parents could also encourage their children to empty their bladders completely before going to bed, or to prevent them from having anything to drink.

Most enuresis cases will be from children who have recently been toilet trained, but a few adults can also suffer from it. More or less two per cent of adults will experience bladder control problems. Managing enuresis in an adult includes using the moisture alarm and anti diuretic medication.
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Anuresis is the retention of urine in the urinary bladder, or failure or inability or void urine whereas Enuresis is an involuntary discharge of urine, or incontinence of urine. It is sometimes also known as "bedwetting."

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