What Is The Abbreviation For TMC In The Measurement Of Water?


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TMC is thousand million cubic feet.
I cu feet = 28 litres
so 1 TMC = 28 thousand million litres or 28 billion litres.
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TMC means "Thousand Million Cubic feet" is used to measure the water in dam and 1 TMC is approximately equals to 2800 crore liters of water
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Thousand million cubic feet
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TMC ft. is the abbreviation for "thousand million cubic feet" and is used in water management in India. If you enjoy reading or studying words like these, I found a website with all kinds of measures and information. Go to www.unc.edu/~rowlett/units/dictT.htm. it is really an interesting site.

There are water tanks used to collect rain water sold under the product name TMC-water. The amount of water, which the tank will hold is predetermined, based on usages for the water. In Australia for example the rain water collected is used for drinking and many other purposes. On farms, water collected in TMC-water tanks are often used to provide water for cattle and other animals.

Today, there are many kinds of water products being sold using the name TMCwater saying it cures many illnesses. I wonder what their TMC means.

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