How Many Liters In One Tmc Of Water?


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There are 28,316,846,592 liters in 1 TMC of water.

Tmcft, TMC, tmc, or Tmc ft are abbreviations for 1,000,000,000 = 1 billion or one thousand million cubic ft. It is a measurement used in referring to water volume in river flow or reservoirs.

1 Tmcft is therefore equal to:

  • 28,316,846,592 liters
  • 1,000,000,000 cubic ft or 28,000,000 m3
  • 22,956.841139 acre feet
Water is normally measured in gallons or liters (volume). Water can be measured with very simple to highly specialized instruments. These tools can measure the tiniest amounts to vast oceans.

  • Clepsydra: The ancients used this to measure water and tell the time. Today it is called the water clock.
  • Global Measurements: Scientists use satellites to measure ocean water movements. Electronic equipment is put on buoys, ships, and the surface and floor of the ocean and is used for sending and receiving satellite signals.
  • Irrigation: Agriculturists may build a weir across a river or water channel for providing controlled measures of water for their fields. Ultrasonic transmitters are used for measuring the water.
  • Water Moisture: Scientists use electronic sensors to measure water in food. They use tensiometers to measure water in soil. Hygrometers are used for measuring moisture in the atmosphere.
  • Weather: A meteorologist makes their forecasts by measuring the various states of water. Rainfall is measured with a rain gauge that could be in the form of a scale measuring the weight of rainfall or rain sticks that measure water depth. A plain hail pad is used for measuring hail. The hail pads are made from florist's foam and covered in aluminum soil. The scientists count and then measure the marks that are left by the hail.
You can find out the volume of water within a swimming pool by multiplying its length by its width by its depth. For example, an Olympic size swimming pool is 50 meters x 25 meters by 2 meters. This will therefore hold 2,500,000 liters or 2500 cubic meters or 550,000 gallons.
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TMC ft means Thousand Million Cubic feet
TMC ft = 28.3 million cubic meters.
1 cubic meter = 1000 litres of water.
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27000000000 liters is 1 TMC of water.  Ie:
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1 TMC feet = 28.3 million cubic meter
1 cubic meter = 1000 liters
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Two thousand eight hundred and thirty crore litres of water  or twenty eight thousand three hundred million litres of water makes  one t m c as per my calculation.

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