Why Am I Feeling A Heart Beat On My Foot?


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Jim Adams answered
Actually, it is beating at the same rate as your heart. The spot on the top of your foot, just below where the foot bends, you will find the beat of what is called your "pedal pulse". If your feeling this, this is good. It means you have good circulation.
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It's the pulse in your foot. Everyone has one. But if you had hurt your foot, you'd have a far better chance of feeling a pulse/ throbbing sort of feeling in your foot. I believe it's natural. If your a bit concerned then ask relatives before your GP if you don't want to feel... Embarassed going just to hear that hehe ( I know I would)
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That means you have a good heart rate.
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You probably have a sore or a bruise and the blood is trying to flow but its damaged so it will feel like your foot is throbbing
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You have a rare disease known as Pulsethropolis usually found in the foot or hand and occasionally in the chestal area.
There are support groups out there.
You'll pull through.

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