How To Make A Replica Of The Respiratory System?


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For dioramas, there are many different items which can stand in for the various organs, the lungs, diaphragm, trachea, throat, mouth and nose. Plasticine is a great tool for making the nose, as it can be moulded into sundry shapes, and can provide reality to the model.

The trachea serves as the principal passage for conveying air to and from the lungs. This can be shown by some construction paper or card; branching out from the trachea are the bronchi, which serve to carry the air to and from the individual lungs, which can be represented by two soft drink straws.

For the lungs, where the gas exchange occurs, balloons can be used. Insert each flex end of two straws into two separate balloons and tape together above the flex and at the top. With the straw end first, insert these through the open bottom of a modified 2 liter soda bottle (which stands for the chest and ribcage) and bring the ends of the straws up through the neck of the bottle. Stuff the neck of soda bottle with cotton balls around straws until spaces are plugged.

Add the trachea, rolling the construction paper into a tube to fit over the tops of the straws, and shut with tape. Following this, place a plastic bag over the bottom end of the bottle and use rubber bands to hold it in place. This will serve as the diaphragm, which moves downwards and outwards to regulate the volume of air allowed in; to mimic this movement, grasp the bottom of the plastic bag and pull down and push up. Watch as the ’lungs’ expand and contract as you do this.

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