What Is The Economic Importance Of Prawns And Shrimps?


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The food industry and in particular seafood is especially beneficial to the economy. If countries are shipping prawns and other sea faring delicacies then it will boost their economy significantly and some of the countries rely on this trade heavily.
Some of the marine species caught in Hong Kong waters are edible and are either freshly retailed in local markets for domestic consumption or exported to foreign countries as live, fresh, dried, salted, brine, or other edible product, altogether making a tremendous contribution to the economy of Hong Kong and other Asian countries.
The annual fisheries production of Hong Kong, say the years between 1991-1995, was so profitable it brought into the country’s economy around 220,000 metric tons valued at approximately US$ 330 million.
In Hong Kong, the major commercial significant prawns are landed by trawling boats which tow a number of bottom dredges along the surface of the mud. Some prawns are caught in the Deep Bay marshes where they constitute some half of the total catch.
To cope with the unlimited demand in the market, there are a number of species which are cultivated in shrimp ponds or gei wais in Deep Bay marshes. The principle of gei wai operation is to create a strong current through the gates and during high tides, the sluice gates are opened so as to drain as many juvenile shrimps as possible into the gei wais.
As time goes on the young shrimps become larger and grow into a marketable size, which can be ready for harvest. During low tides, the sluice gates are opened so that the large adult shrimps are flooded out of the gei wais and trapped into the nets. This allows for a maximum of up to around 100 harvests each year. In a good harvest as many as 20 catties or 12kg of shrimps may be collected, with a possible market value in excess of HK$2000.

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