How Long Is A While? Longer Or Shorter Than In A Bit?


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This question brings to mind that infantile grump that occurs when a small child wants to know when exactly dinner will be ready or when they can go play in front of the television box and get further brainwashed by the government controlled, fictitious illusions of the world. It does seem like a rather impudent thing to ask but then again, perhaps I am just being too judgemental. I assume you are someone who lacks in the virtue of patience and so I'll have a bash at defining the two words as simply as I can.

  • The word 'bit'
The word 'bit' usually suggests a small portion of something such as a piece of cake. For example, if someone was to say I would prefer a bit of cake rather than a slice, it is common and general assumption that they would like a smaller piece of cake than the person demanding a chunk. So, imagine time is a cake, surely this means that a 'bit', in terms of time, is a small section of time. I am sure you could investigate a scientific theory or suggestion here but let's just keep it simple. A 'bit' of time is not a long period of time.

  • The word 'while'

This differs a lot from the word 'while'. This word is far more cringe-worthy and to prove so, think about where you hear it most. That phrase 'we could be here a while' is never a good one. Surely you have had some experience in those murky yellow-white waiting rooms at the local doctor's surgery, filled with deep fried people that you avoid making eye contact with so much that if your head was lowered anymore, your visit to the doc would be for severe neck injury.

  • Conclusion
A while is longer than a bit.
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I believe the order should be: Second < moment < minute < bit < while < ages < forever.
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While longer..
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A while can range from a couple of hours to a couple of months. This varies from each person and what they are talking about. It is longer than a bit.

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