Can Eating Too Much Ice Hurt You?


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The ways in which ice could hurt you would really only occur if you were to eat incredible amounts of ice in a very short period of time. For instance, if you eat a large amount of ice, and that ice then melts into water. The water would then be absorbed by your body and could cause a potentially fatal electrolyte imbalance. This is really rare, and would obviously require you to eat a rather large amount of ice.

Eating copious amounts of ice in quick succession could also lower your internal body temperature, so much so that your organs will start to fail. This means that you will ultimately die of exposure, or fall incredibly ill if you’re lucky.

Then of course, if you eat even more ice, this could eventually pack into your stomach. The cold water and ice would freeze the lining of the stomach (do remember, once again I’m talking about incredible quantities of ice). This freezing would destroy the tissues in the stomach, and your stomach will stop functioning as it should do. You would ultimately do of the infection if it was left, as food rotten in your stomach. Obviously, medical help would stop you from just dying.

Did you know that the reason you might want to eat ice so much is because of an iron deficiency? This is the number on cause of feeling like you want to eat ice, as this is seen by many pregnant women. Women who are carrying a child pick up the ice eating habit during their third trimester, when their iron count slowly begins to deplete. You can enrich your diet with new foods and obtain multivitamins if you want to get rid of the habit.

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