How Many Square Feet In A Bundle Of Siding?


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Siding could refer to one of two things, either to do with a house or in the rail industry to describe a small section of track. For the purposes of the question I shall answer based on the definition of siding in housing. Siding refers to the outer covering of a house used to protect the house from water and the effects of the weather. Siding can be made from most materials including:

  • wood
  • metal
  • plastics
  • shingles
  • asphalt bundles
Siding is boarded across or secured to form an outer layer and provide protection and warmth for the house. In terms of your question, my answer will be based on the assumption that you have a standard house, or have just finished building a house and are looking for some form of thin layer, such as shingles, with which to further insulate and protect the outer layer of your house.

In this instance it would depend on the shop you purchase the materials from and the type of material that you are looking to use as siding. For instance, a lot of plastics can be cut to measure in most hardware stores whilst shingles are usually sold in packs and mainly used on roofs. An asphalt bundle, often used to protect house corners, can be sold in bundles fairly cheaply but once again can be cut to size. 

The best piece of advice that can be given is to shop around, have a look at the houses around you and the materials used and then ask for advice at the hardware stores near you. They should be able to guide you on the right materials for your area and give you a price and rough estimate with regards to measurements.

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