I Need To Find The Area Of A Cube In Square Feet Terms. Can Some One Please Help Me?

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Oddman answered
A parallelepiped of the dimensions you give is not a cube. A cube has 6 square faces.

The area of your right parallelepiped will be twice the sum of the following
(2 ft)*(6 ft), (2 ft)*(8 ft), and (6 ft)*(8 ft).

Each face of a given size has a matching one of the same size on the opposite side of the object.

total area = 2(12 ft2 + 16 ft2 + 48 ft2) = 2(76 ft2) = 152 ft2.

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This 3 dimensional shape has six sides.  I assume that what you want to know is the total area of all six sides.
2 sides 2x6  = 12 ea = 24  ft2
2 sides 2x8  = 16 ea = 32
2 sides 6x8  = 48 ea = 96
  152 ft2

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