How Can I Cure My Gastric Problem?


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You don't say what type of gastric problem , but I always say go to doctor to get it checked out.
It could be to do with ulcers, or a fairly new bacteria that they found in my stomach about 8 years ago and no one knew it existed until about 15 years ago it is called hellebactus pylori, and in some cases can be dangerous , the symptoms are that of an ulcer.  I can't describe the feeling , it gurgles like you're hungry when your not and you also get like heart burn and a feeling that you have a walnut stuck in your chest! But you might not have this, but if you have they either give an endoscopy, or blood test first if it is positive you have to have masses of antibiotics to try and kill it (but it doesn't always work). Try  Gaviscon liquid or other antacid at chemist. And as I say speak to doctor about pylori , (IT IS BAD BACTERIA IN STOMACHE)
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After taking meals excess gas forms accompanied by omitting tendency. Please suggest.

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