Are Stomach Problems Psychosomatic?


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Dan Orzechowski answered
I'm sorry to say, yes.
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Kathy Castillo answered
Having long disregarded the psychological components of illnesses, nowadays there is often a tendency to overestimate their significance. A specific example of this is gastritis. It was thought that the inflammation of the lining of the stomach and stomach ulcers arose from suppressed anger and stress that were being bottled up in the sufferer. Certainly, this may have sometimes been the case. But this judgment did an injustice to all those whose gastritis had purely physical causes. Since then, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori has been discovered, which is responsible for a multitude of stomach ulcers, and it is treated with antibiotics and other medications, not with psychotherapy.

So, in general, some stomach problems may be the direct result of something psychosomatic. However, not all problems are related to emotions. Some stomach problems are hereditary or the cause of something physical. Upon diagnosis, a doctor may be able to tell the patient rather it is psychosomatic or physical.

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