Is The Large Intestine Shorter Than The Small Intestine?


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Yes, it is because small intestine is longer in terms of length and large intestine is bigger in terms of diameter. This is so because small intestine absorbs all the nutrients needed for the body while the large intestine still does some breaking down as well as stores all the unnecessary things.
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The small intestine is the  narrow upper part of the intestines lined with mucous membranes which secrete enzymes responsible for the digestion of food and through which digestible nutrients pass into the blood and lymph.It is divided into three parts, the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum.

The large intestine, longer than the small intestine, is the back portion of the vertebrate intestine, divided into the cecum, colon  ( this is where the length comes in), and rectum, and serves especially to extract moisture from the undigested remnants of food and to store them until they may be expelled as feces.

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Tell me about small and large intestine
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The large intestine is much shorter than the small intestine, as can be seen in this photograph.  The last thick portion on the left is the entire large intestine.  All the up and down loops are made up of the small intestine.

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