What Are The Effects Of Technology On Society, In Terms Of Social Culture?


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Technology is the scientific study and use of mechanical arts and applied sciences which includes equipment, knowledge and work methods that transform inputs into outputs.

Technology improves the quality of human life and plays a crucial role in people’s daily lifestyles. However, there are positive and negative effects of technology on society.

In terms of social culture, the positive effects of technology may benefit our society and even create a peaceful society. In contrast, the negative effects of technology may destroy the social culture and pollute our society.

Technology is a very wide field, and it affects the social culture that exists today. Social culture changes as technology grows and develops rapidly - and new customs may form in society due to the advance of technology.

Social culture in the old days was simple and was still well-structured during that time. However, technology then changed the way people communicated.

This efficiency and effectiveness in communication became very important, which shows how the social culture works in the modern age. However, there are still problems that occur in a social culture that is based on technology.

The shift from telegraphs to mobile phones shows how technology has improved, and nowadays, people have different ways to contact with others using their mobile phones, which have helped communication become easier: Important messages or information now can reach the receiver very quickly, right across society.

Therefore, mobile phones have helped to improve and strengthen interaction, communication and contact in society, and the emphasis of social culture is now totally based on simplicity, speed and effectiveness.

Despite these benefits, however, there are negative effects of mobile phones on society too, such as when teenagers share nude photos via mobile phone messaging. This is a serious ethical problem that people should take note of, and has polluted the social culture that exists in society.

In addition to this, the internet affects the social culture, too. It enables people to get information, to communicate and to solve different problems in daily lifemore easily. Therefore, social culture changes as people now use the internet as their main tool for communication and to obtain information. Now, there is a strong communication network formed in the society.

As a result of the Internet, people also now have the freedom and platform to get to know and interact with other people from all over the world, and this has affected the pure social culture that existed in old days.

There are some ethical problems involved in communication via the internet such as cheating and fake identities. People may also have less chance to interact in the real world as more and more people prefer the easier virtual methods of communication.

Overall, technology influences our society massively. People should realize its important potential to maintain a good social culture in society, and make use of technology to ensure a peaceful and harmonious environment for everyone.

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