What Are The Contributions Of Science And Technology In Our Society?


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Science and technology affect our society massively and often in ways that we barely even register.

  • Technology
Technology has changed the way we will live our lives forever and has changed society as a whole. The invention of mobiles phones can be argued that it has made us a much more connected society. We can contact one another whenever we wish and even people on the other side of the world can be called and we can keep in touch with them 24/7. We can text, call, leave voicemails, send images, video call and access social networking sites through our mobile phones so we are constantly connected to what our loved ones are doing. Other people would argue the opposite. They would say that mobile phones are changing our society for the worst and while we can contact each other via mobile phone, we are losing the ability to interact face to face and young children are having difficultly building relationships with other children as they contact each other via technology more than they do face to face.

  • Science
Science affects society through a variety of ways. There numerous medical developments that change society due to longer expected life spans meaning people live their lives differently. People are having their children later in life and living the 'young, free and single' lifestyle for much longer which chances society dramatically as people's disposable income is much higher in their late 20s and 30s.

Genetically modifying our crops is a huge issue at the minute that is to do with science and society. Some people do not like science interfering in our lives too much and affecting the way we produce food. It is probably so controversial because it is science directly entering our bodies through the food we consume and this is something that makes people uncomfortable. It means that crops could be immune to disease meaning that we could potentially end famine.

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