Is It Possible To Prepare For GATE Without Any Coaching?


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Its not a big issue folk and no need to worry about,if you want  you can prepare yourself for GATE without joining any coaching. There are so many online websites which may provide you all study material, previous years papers, online classes etc and they will clear all your doubts too regarding any query related to GATE entrance like go through it once hope it may help you
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Yes it is possible to prepare for GATE without any coaching. But for this you should have a good engineering base and knowledge.
Check out the following site. I hope this will help you

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I want to know how percentile i need to score in gate exam to get joined in the best college
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I am final year btech student.. I want to know how to prepare for without any coaching?
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Yes you can do. For this kanodia's book will be helpfull. Just gor through your text books and read kanodia's book for problem solving.
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Yes ...ofcourse ...I would say you can prepare bettter than those who r going for coaching....just check the style of GATE paper...go through the concepts deeply...practice various sample papers n previous year papers
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I am final year biotechnology student.I want to know how many seats for XL in gate and how much percentile required.

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