Where Is The Manheim Gate?

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Manheim Gate is located in Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. Manheim is a borough and has a total population of 4,784 which was recorded by the census conducted in the year 2000. The total area of the borough is 3.6 kilometers, according to United States census department.

According to the statistics obtained from census board, in the year 2000 there were around 4,784 people, 1,989 households and 1,362 families staying in the borough.

The racial break-up of the place was that there were around 96.83% white people, 0.63% African American people, 0.08% Native American people, 1.00% Asian people, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.61% people from other races and 1.28% people from two or more races. The Hispanic and Latino people of any race made up around 1.69% of the population.

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