Where Do You Find Rubies?


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Ruby is the king of gemstones. The red colour of the gemstone is enigmatic and maddeningly attractive. It is extremely hard and has a vibrant radiance. The rare gemstone was first found in India. In the olden days, whenever a ruby was spotted, the ruler would send his dignitaries to collect the precious stone and welcome it in all its grandeur and felicitation.

Ruby is the red adaptation of the mineral corundum, one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Though pure corundum is colourless, traces of elements like chrome, titanium, iron and vanadium render it the characteristic red colour. Ruby-red is synonymous with passion and lust. It goes without saying that the word 'ruby' stems from the Latin word 'rubens' which means 'red.' The world's most famous ruby deposits are found in the small town of Mong Hsu in the North East part of Myanmar. Ruby deposits are also found in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and East Africa.
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Rubies are fond in hot countries like America.

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