How Do You Get Rid Of Gnats In Plants?


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Normally of all flying pest, gnats are said to be the most irritating. Even though they are completely harmless, they linger and buzz around our heads, and are very irritating.

Gnats are often found near fruits, saturated house plants, compost piles as well as around any other smelling, rotting, food or plants. They best way to get rid of gnats is by applying apple cider vinegar or fruit juice on plants where gnats generally appear. If you don't want gnats around your plants, it is advised that you keep your plants stay damp but not wet, because gnats like over watered plants.

You can also take the help of plant friendly sprays which are easily available in the market; you can apply these sprays in medium quantities to the plants, in an effort to get rid of gnats.
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Whenever I have a gnat problem, I make a gnat trap. I take an empty plastic butter bowl and put in a few ripe pieces of fruit. Poke a hole in the lid with a nail or ice pick. Make sure the hole is big enough for the gnats to get into the bowl. Put the lid on the bowl and put it in the area where you're having the worst gnat problem. Let it sit there for at least several hours. Put your finger over the hole and then take it outside always from the house. Release the gnats. Recover the bowl and put your finger over the hole in the bowl or they'll follow you back to the house. Reset the trap. Be sure you don't let the fruit in the trap go bad. Keep doing it and you'll eventually get rid of most of your gnats.
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You can also get mini fly-papers that are held in a special little fork that you put in the soil at the foot of the plant. The little pests get stuck to them after being attracted by the colour and smell.

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