How Do I Kill Fleas On Indoor Plants?


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I don't believe what you have are fleas. Fleas are never white/greenish or almost transparent looking. If they jump, I'm leaning towards springtails, but they are usually found in the soil rather than actually on the plant. They can be eliminated by allowing the soil to dry out.  They are not really harmful to the plant rather they live off the decaying organic matter in the soil. As for the "white stuff that looked like pieces of paper", I'm stumped. What kind of plant is this?
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Every time I water my house plant I see white minute bugs swimming to the top and they jump like fleas. I saw some on the flower part of the plant also just moving around like larva, help.
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Will fleas kill indoor plants?
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You need to identify your bug first before you can try to eliminate it. I think you have fungus gnats. Cut back on your watering as much as possible.
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If what you find is whitish and they leave a powdery substance it might be aphids. Do a google search for aphids and see if that matches your problem bugs.
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Step OneGet rid of fleas on your pet. (See "How to Get Rid of Fleas.") Fleas usually come into your home on the body of a warm-blooded creature such as your dog or cat, then multiply.
2Step TwoReligiously clean surfaces where your dog or cat spends the most time. These are the areas where fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae are most likely to be found. This includes cleaning concrete floors in basements and garages.
3Step ThreeVacuum carpets thoroughly and often. Even if you already have an active infestation, vacuuming can pick up adult fleas as well as pupae.
4Step FourUse flea granules in the nap of your carpet. These can be applied once a year and remain active for the whole year. They are safe and effective.
5Step FiveSpray carpets with an insecticide such as micro-encapsulated pyrethrins. Repeated applications may be necessary. Use chemicals with caution and read labels carefully.
6Step SixCombine the insecticide (which will kill adult fleas) with a growth regulator, which will break the life cycle of the flea. Follow directions carefully.
7Step SevenSee "How to Get Rid of Fleas From Your Home Naturally" under Related eHows for information on using nonchemical methods for flea control.
8Step EightCall a pest control company if your efforts are unsuccessful. Such companies are well-equipped to deal with flea infestations.

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