Which Of The Three States Of Water Is Most Dense?


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The most dense state of water is as a liquid.  While most substances might be more dense in the solid state, that is not the case with water.  When water freezes, it expands and there are a bunch of air pockets; this makes it less dense as a solid than a liquid.
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The most dense state of water is the liquid state (near 4 degrees Celcius) unlike most substances which attain maximum density in their solid states. This is because of the ability of water molecules to form Hydrogen bonds.
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I think ice solid state
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Most dense state of water
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The three states of matter are liquid, solid and gas. The most dense molecular state is definitely a solid which is characterized by fixed volume and density. Solids appear as they do as result of a strong lattice energy with the molecules held tightly in place in the lattice.

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