If The Diameter Of The Circle Is 12 Inches What Is The Radius?


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Six inches
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The diameter of a circle is a line that stretches across the center of a circle from one end to the other. On the other hand, a radius is a line that starts from the center of the circle but instead of stretching through to both sides of the circle, it only stretches to one end.

If you draw these, you will see that a radius is always one half of the diameter. This is logical since if a line to both sides of the circle is the diameter and a line to only one side is the radius, then the radius is one half of the diameter (my apologies if that sounds a little like Jimmy Neutron!).

Anyway, so the radius for the given circle is:

Radius = Diameter/2
  = 12/2
  = 6 inches

Thus, the radius of this particular circle is 6 inches.
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The circle has 11/27 on each side and 8/9 going across the bottom the inner part is what I can't figure out.  The d

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