Can You Explain, In Simple Terms, What DNA Is?


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DNA is the biological make up in every organism.
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Essentially, DNA is the basic units of genetic information that combines together to produce instructions for the cells of the body to produce proteins (molecules that perform biological functions).
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All the many kinds of cells in your body were grown from the single cell that represented you at the time of your conception. The nucleus of that cell contained the blueprint to direct your development. As each cell in your body was made, it was given an exact copy of the blueprint. This blueprint is named deoxyribonucleic acid, generally referred to as DNA.
The gene is the carrier of heredity. There are tens of thousands of genes in each cell. The key part of each gene is the compound called DNA. A coiled, threadlike molecule, DNA may be likened to a twisted rope ladder.
The two sides of the ladder are made of phosphate and a type of sugar called deoxyribose. These two sides are joined together by the ladder's "rungs" which are composed of millions of pairs of chemical bases.
The number of rungs, or bases, totals in the millions. Yet there are only two types, The two types are (1) adenine paired with thymine, and (2) cytosine paired with guanine. The sequence in which these pairs are arranged, linking the two sides of the spiral ladder, makes up the genetic code or blueprint for life.

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