How Is Calcium Used By Nerve Cells?


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Calcium is considered as the fifth most widespread element in the human body. Note that 99 per cent of the calcium exists in the crystalline form – crystalline hydroxyapatite, which is mostly found in bones and teeth.

Calcium is used by nerve cells and muscles cells for various purposes for the development of the body. Nerve cells are used calcium to propagate an impulse. It also used by muscles to help in its contraction. Under an impulse, a number of passages of calcium open. In case an impulse occurs in the format of an action potential then, the  each channel of the calcium current will be on the basis of the potential of the membrane, which is depends on time.

Thus, the calcium generated in the nerve cells should be a normal level, if it increases to very high level or it decreases to a low level, then the nervous system is affected.
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