What High School Classes Do You Take To Study Oceanography?


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According to, you should take as many math, science, and computer classes you can.  Generally, more math means a higher salary and you should take at least four math credits including: Trigonometry, algebra, and calculus.  And you should have at least four science credits including: Geology, chemistry, biology, and physics.
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Oceanology represents today a wide range of sciences engaged in the study of the World Ocean. Almost three quarters of the surface of our planet is covered by oceanic waters. The importance of the ocean in human activity can not be overestimated, since life itself on the Earth in its modern diversity has become possible, primarily due to the existence of a large amount of liquid water. The ocean is a huge source of water, mineral, fuel, energy and biological resources. The role of the ocean in the formation of the Earth's climate system is exceptionally important. Hence, there is an urgent need to study it. Before I became a writer on the, I studied at the School of Young Geographers introducing my students to physical oceanology in the 2nd year. In an accessible form, the geological history and structure of the ocean floor, the physicochemical properties of sea water, sea straits and currents are considered, an idea is given of the thermal, water and salt balance, sea ice and icebergs.

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