How Do You Prepare A Case Study?


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A case study can be described as the study of an object, person or situation in its natural habitat in an uncontrolled and observational manner. This method is used in several fields like psychology, management, science, medicine etc because it often leads to a more extensive and comprehending information of the thing being studied. Thus it is nothing but an in-depth study of someone or something. They are real life situations.

To prepare a case study, first learn the object, person or situation fully. Then make a detailed case of the object under scrutiny. Then read it completely and thoroughly. After that list down the questions that you find relevant based on the case. Then try to solve these queries yourself initially. Then sit over the answers and see if they are feasible or not. Then see where you have gone wrong and try to answer the questions again sans those previous mistakes. Repeat the procedure until you are satisfied.

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