How Fast Does Fart Travel?


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Part of it travels at the speed of sound. Part of it travels at the speed of smell. The former is a function of air temperature and pressure, and is in the neighborhood of 1100 ft/sec. The latter is a function of concentration and air speed.
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ans:Passing gas  may be an indelicate matter for humans, but for at least one species, farts are a means of communication. Researchers have studied the farting habits of Atlantic and Pacific herring, which make high-frequency sounds by forcing air out of their anuses to "talk" to each other in the dark.the fact inciude in:

An average fart is made of:
59% nitrogen
21% hydrogen
9% carbon dioxide
7% methane
4% oxygen
1% hydrogen sulfide, the smelly part
100% original fart

A fart has reached the speed of 10 feet per second. This is 3.05 meters per second.

One person can produces about 0.5 liters of farts a day. This is almost 0.13 gallon.
These animals can not fart: The Pogonophoran Worm, the Jellyfish and the Coral and Sea Anemones. This is caused by lake of an anus.

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as soon as i hear one im walking the other way

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What you hear travels at the speed of sound.

What you smell travels on little cat feet and then jumps to your nose.

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