Is Saturn hot, or cold?


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It's very difficult to know the precise temperature of Saturn. This is because it's such a long way away, so it takes a long time for our probes to get there.

To my knowledge, the probes which have reached the planet haven't yet taken detailed temperature readings.

The Temperature of Saturn in Degrees Celsius

We know that the atmosphere of Saturn is cold at the very edges, probably colder than -150 degrees centigrade. Further down through the atmosphere, atmospheric pressure increases, and so does the temperature.

Beneath the outer edges of the atmosphere is a layer of ice, where temperatures are expected to be approximately -93 degrees Celsius. The underside of these clouds are made of water ice and have an average temperature of -23 degrees Celsius.

It's suspected that temperatures might reach 11,700 degrees centigrade at the core, although this is pure speculation. We know that Saturn itself generates 2.5 times as much heat as it receives from the Sun.

Saturn is a great distance from the Sun - almost 10 times further away than the Earth is.
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Saturn is the sixth planet out from the sun, so is going to be cold. Saturn is -290 degrees cold, and scientists think it will soon get much colder!

It might not be as cold as other planets that are not as near to the sun, but it is different because it has a circlar ring in the middle of it.

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