How hot and cold can Jupiter get? 


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We can safely assume that the temperatures on Jupiter vary. Although scientists don't actually have any exact numbers for Jupiter, our knowledge of other planets tells us that the temperature often varies according to:

  • Whether we are talking about the core of the planet, the surface, or the atmosphere - and which part
  • The current position of the planet in its orbit of the Sun. For example, when it is at its farthest distance (aphelion), the planet will be colder
  • Whether we are talking about day-time, or night-time temperatures

The Extremes of Temperature on Jupiter
At the very edge of Jupiter's atmosphere, the temperature is believed to be approximately -145 degrees Celsius. As you descend into the atmosphere, you'll quickly find atmospheric pressure increasing to 10 times what we experience on Earth. At this point, the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius.

Jupiter doesn't have a solid surface, but when you reach the point at which gas turns into liquid, you could consider yourself to be on Jupiter's surface. At this point, it's thought that temperatures could be about 9,700 degrees Celsius, which is remarkably hot.

This is pure speculation, but it's believed that the temperature at the core of Jupiter could be as high as 35,500 degrees Celsius.

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