What Is Reflective Listening?


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I'm hearing that you would like a definition or demonstration of the concept of reflective listening. Is that correct?
It is the exceptionally annoying (to me*) practice of repeating back to the speaker what they just told you, in as close to their own words as you can manage. Further, it seeks elaboration and clarification of the thought, without expressing any judgment. The idea is to make sure that both the speaker and the listener have an understanding of what is being said. Done well, it can uncover the speaker's feelings about, and intent regarding, what is being said. This can be the first step in nonviolent communication.
* I think I find it annoying because 1) my sister used to repeat back to me everything I said to her as a way to torture me, 2) parroting demonstrates no intelligence or understanding on the part of the parrot.
Reflective listening means when someone has been talking or telling you something in order to show that person that you've been listening you repeat what they say. Basically you pick up the main point and you repeat it that shows that you've been listening.

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