What Common Item Weighs One Ounce?


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It is surprising how little time one spends actually considering the weight of the items one is dealing with in every day life. So for a moment there, this question drew a complete blank for an answer. What does weigh an ounce? There is no doubt that there will be a million and two answers to this one. As it is, short of running off to get out the kitchen scales and weighing everything in sight, here are just a few suggestions picked up along the way.

Items typically weighing one ounce include;

  • A mini pocket knife, such as used by back-packers
  • A CD, without the case
  • A CD case
  • A standard letter for posting
  • A run-of -the-mill fountain pen
  • An AA Battery
Other items may include a fishing weight, spectacles, a small box of matches, ten $0.01 coins, small erasers, new pencils, the list goes on. How much something weighs depends on its size and the material it is made from. A small plastic beaker may weigh an ounce, while a glass of the same size will be much heavier.

The best, and safest way, to find common articles weighing no more or less than an ounce is to line up a few and weigh them. It is a small effort and may reveal some surprising results. This writer, for instance, had no idea that a CD weighs an ounce, for instance.

To be perfectly honest, going to get the scales and weighing a few items would probably have yielded many more results, and much quicker at that, than sitting here desperately trying to find some answers somewhere, anywhere. So there we have it, get out those scales and have a go. It really is the quickest, safest way to determine the weight of anything.
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500 sheets of 20 pound bond paper weighs 5 pounds or 80 ounces, so 6 and 1/4 sheets of that paper will weigh 1 ounce.
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A rice

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