What Force Keeps The Moon In Orbit Around The Earth?


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Gravity is the force which keeps the moon in orbit around the Earth. If it weren't for gravity, the Earth would just be travelling at a constant speed going nowhere, and the same with the moon, instead of orbiting around the Earth.
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The gravity of the Earth keeps the moon going round the Earth but because the moon has 1/6 the gravity of the Earth it doesn't crash into the earth and keeps moving around it.
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Well on the basis of Law of Inertia which is said to be Newton's 1st law, if there wasn't any kind of gravitational force acting amid the Moon and the Earth, the Moon would move in a straight path at a steady speed.

But since the Moon travels around a rounded path, it is redirected from a straight path by the force of gravity. The Moon basically is the Earth's only natural satellite and is seldom known as Luna. The standard distance between the Earth and the Moon is 384,399 kilometres which is approximately 30 times the distance of the earth. It is said to be the fifth biggest moon in the entire solar system following Ganymede, Titan, Callisto and lo. The Moon is the solitary celestial body on which human being have orbited or stepped foot on.
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Very very detailed explanation!!! I would;ve just said, "Gravity"
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Gravitational force
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Earth has gravity and tries to pull the Moon.  Moon in turn has gravity and tries to pull the Earth.  Due to the pulling in opposite directions, the present status quo is maintained.  Now Earth rotates on its axis and due to this rotation the lines of attraction between Earth & Moon is broken and this causes Moon to revolve around the Earth.  We can imagine Earth & Moon as large magnets and we know that we can move one magnet using another without the use of physical contact.  Thus we can say that Moon revolves around the Earth because of the rotation of Earth on its axis.
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I studied that in third grade :l it's the gravity field of the Earth, it also keeps satellites in orbit so you can watch tv

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