What Force Between The Earth And The Moon Stay In Orbit.?


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The force responsible for the moon staying in orbit around the earth is a result of their gravitational fields interacting with each other. Earth being the more massive planet exerts a force on the moon pulling it towards itself, as a result of the third Newtonian law of motion, the moon exerts an equal and opposite force which enables it to remain in a stable orbit around the Earth. Another force resulting from this interaction is the centrifugal force which is likely responsible for the circular motion of moon's orbit around the Earth.
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The moon does not exert an equal force on the Earth, the moon's gravity is significantly weaker. What keeps the moon rotating is the fact that it was formed from material already spinning around the Earth. This material settles at the point where the Earth's gravity can just stop it shooting into space. This is not as a result as the interaction of the two gravitational fields. The Barycentre is the point which the Earth and Moon mutually hold each other.

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