What Does The Motherboard Do?


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A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) used in personal computer is motherboard. It is also called as planner board. With the help of motherboard you can attach sound card, internal modem, hard disk graphic card, memory, Floppy disk, CD ROM drive, Zip drive and CPU and many other external peripheral devices. The main function of motherboard is to connect all these devices together and work as single computer. Motherboard work as attachment point to the peripherals mentioned above. The basic component and circuitry used for computer to work properly are attached directly or in slot or with help of cable. The latest motherboard came with on-board devices. The main component on motherboard is chipset and that will improve the capability and the feature of mother board. There are different slots for different devices like for CPU, RAM, CARD, etc.
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The Purpose of Motherboard is as mentioned below.....

The motherboard is the main printed circuit board and contains the
buses, or electrical and electronics devices and also other components which allow to communicate with each other via suing Motherboard.
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