What Speed Must An Electron Have If Its Momentum Is To Be The Same As That Of An X-ray Photon With A Wavelength Of 0.32 Nm?


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According to the de-Broglie, every particle has a wave associated with it. The wavelength of the wave is inversely proportional to the momentum of the particle.

wavelength = plank's constant/ momentum

Wavelength = h/ p

p= momentum= mass x velocity= mv

wavelength= h/mv

v= h/ m x wavelength

mass=9.1 x 10-31 kg

h= 6.67 x 10-34 j.sec

wavelength= 0.32 nm = 0.32 x 10-9 meters

speed= 6.67 x 10-34 j.sec/ 9.1 x 10-31 kg*0.32 x 10-9 meters

speed= 2.3 x 106 meter/ sec

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