What Is The Difference Between A Particle And A Wave?


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A particle is an object that has a position, momentum,  mass, kinetic energy, and an electric charge. On the other hand, a wave has wavelength, intensity, energy, frequency, velocity, amplitude, and momentum. A particle can be localized whereas on the other hand a wave cannot be localized as it is spread out and occupies a large position of space.
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The difference is shown by the definition of each

A particle in physics are in three forms
elementary particle which is composed by larger particles.
composite particle is the bound state in many elementary particles.
point particle does not have any volume!

A wave in physic's world is define as the disturbance from the tranformation of energy which also propagates through time and space. Waves are of four types
Longitudinal, sound, electromagnetic and transverse wave!

Read this another link and you will understand the difference with the example given!

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