What Is The Scope Of Economics Honours?


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• For those students who decide to study an Economics Honors course there is a wealth of opportunity awaiting them once they graduate. Economics graduates are to be found in every industry imaginable. Many work in a line of business that they thought had nothing to do with their specialist subjects at university.

• Of course it is obvious that you will find economists in insurance, investment and banking, or in the retail industry, but they are also employed in places like the communications sector, the world of manufacturing, and in transport.  There are also posts available within governments and their subsidiary agencies, not only as employees but in consultant roles too.

• The foremost skill that employers from these industries, and others, appreciate about economics students is their ability to view problems on a larger global scale, if needed - the art of seeing 'the bigger picture'. They also value the research skills, decision making expertise and methodical approach that an economist brings to the table.

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I am a student of class 12 commerce and I want to know that what should I do after class 12 in economics. I have decided to take economics honors. So what is the career scope in this section.?

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