Can I Still Donate Blood If I Am On Lithium?


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My sister is bipolar and on lithium. They tell her she can't donate blood on that or depakote because it affects the lithum levels.
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I wanted to donate blood as I have a rate blood group and it was one of my goals. After 3 times turning back, I got to the blood transfusion building yesterday, only to be told by the nurse that interviewed me, that because I was Bipolar and on Lithium, I could not give blood. I don't know the reason, but I was very disappointed. I cried all evening, because I couldn't even do that much to help and felt useless..
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I am someone who is BIpolar and having to take lithium to control. I am an ONEG and just called the red cross as long as your controled and have been on it at least two months they will let you. Don't let one person stop you it will be ok:) Donate you can!
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I always wondered about that!!! Thanx for informing us!!!

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