What Is A Thermocouple Thermometer? Give A Few Advantages.


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A thermocouple thermometer consists basically of two wires made of different metals such as copper and iron. The ends of the wires are joined together to form two junctions. The two junctions are at different temperatures, one junction is hot and the other one is cold. It is due to this difference in temperatures that an e.m.f. is produced. The greater the difference in temperature, greater the e.m.f. produced across the ends of two junctions.
If one junction is kept at a fixed cold temperature such as zero degrees centigrade, then the other junction can be used as a tiny probe to measure temperatures other than zero degrees centigrade.
There are a lot of advantages of thermocouple thermometer. A few of them are listed below
They can measure a very large range of temperatures by choosing very suitable types of metal for wires. Most of them have a range of -200 degrees centigrade to 1500 degrees centigrade.
Since the wire junctions are very small, the thermometer can be used to measure temperatures at a point.
A thermocouple is a very responsive computer and responds rapidly to changing temperatures. This is also because metals are good conductors of both heat and electricity.
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A thermocouple thermometer is an important temperature sensing device having a wide use in the processing industries. The thermocouple thermometers work on a basic principle of conversion of the thermal potential gradient to electrical potential gradient. When a metal or any conductor is heated the heat energy produces an electrical potential difference this voltage signal is then used for measuring the temperature. It is used for online measurement of the different parts used in processing industries and also for the off line temperature measurement. These thermocouple thermometers are also very useful in cases where we need to measure a wide range of temperature with a very high accuracy. In some case the accuracy of even +0.1 degree Celsius is even achieved.

The thermocouples are even used in several heating devices, say in a specific case if a certain temperature is to be achieved and heating is done to achieve that temperature by any electrical, chemical or other means, than it is necessary to have an idea about the temperature other wise heating will be continued without any idea of temperature. In such cases thermocouples play a good role the temperature is checked by the thermocouples and then with the help of certain circuits the heating process could be discontinued or carried on. So in one way the thermocouples are also important safety devices.
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A Thermocouple thermometer is a kind of thermometer ,made by joining one wire at its two ends to another wire of a different material .If one junction is kept cool and other heated an electric currents flows and can be used as a measure of the temperature of the hot junction.These are useful in heating devices.
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A thermocouple is a rugged and inexpensive temperature measurement sensor. The device consists of a junction of two dissimilar metals. Manufacturers often enclose the junction in a sheath but they may leave the element exposed for use in a non-corrosive environment and if greater sensitivity is required. Thermocouples operate on the thermoelectric effect, also called the Seebeck effect after its discoverer.

The disadvantage thermocouples have relative to more expensive temperature sensors is their typical resolution of about one to two degrees Celsius but this resolution is quite adequate for many important applications.
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A thermocouple thermometer is a thermometer. It checks the heat of your house or something. Yea.

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