When You Cry, Which Eye Produces Tears First?


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Both eyes produce tears at the same time.

Where Do Tears Come From?
When we cry, our tears come from things called nasolacrimal ducts (commonly known as 'tear ducts'). These can be found on the inside corner of each eye.

When you cry, the tear ducts overflow, so the tears come first from whichever eye has the fullest tear ducts.

Obviously, this varies a bit, but both eyes usually produce tears at roughly the same time.

Types Of Tears

  • Basal tears - believe it or not, you're always producing basal tears - they're the ones that keep your eyes wet.
  • Reflex tears - these tears are your body's way of flushing foreign particles from your eyes. Onions and pepper spray can cause you to produce reflex tears.
  • Crying (psychic tears) - these tears are usually a response to emotional distress
What Are Tears Made Of?
Tears may seem to be made of salty water, but there's actually a lot more to them than that! Tears are made up of water, mucus and oil. They also contain a sort of naturally-occurring antibiotic that stops our eyes getting infected.

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