What Is Hemoglobin?


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Most of the cells in the blood are red corpuscles. Millions and millions of red cells circulate in the bloodstream .The red corpuscles contain a protein called haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a pigment containing iron. Our blood is red in colour because of the combination of haemoglobin and oxygen. But haemoglobin has a more important function than just giving the blood its colour. It has the ability to combine loosely with oxygen. It is this ability that makes it possible for the red corpuscle to deliver oxygen to the cells of the body. Oxygen is part of the air breathing into the lungs. The red corpuscles in the bloodstream pass through the lungs, where the haemoglobin picks up oxygen. The red corpuscles, travelling through the bloodstream, release oxygen to the body's cell.

When the oxygen is released, haemoglobin takes up carbon dioxide from the cells. This gas is waste that is formed when the cells burn food. The red blood corpuscles, loaded with carbon dioxide, return to the lungs. Here an exchange takes place. Carbon dioxide is dropped and fresh oxygen is picked up.
Then the red corpuscles continue on their way, carrying oxygen to cells throughout the body. This is why food contains iron body.

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