What Did James Joyce Mean By His Definitions Of Kinetic And Static Art?


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James Joyce once said that Kinetic Art moves you and Static Art stops you. This is word play on the words Kinetic, which is related to movement or moving energy and Static, which is related to stasis or no movement.

So Joyce is making clever word play to make a point to us. He believes that an energised moving art form has the power to move us and that no movement, static art form has the power to stop us.

Of course this is literal as well as metaphorical, because an audience at a theatre viewing a play will be moved and moving during the course of the event, whereas someone looking at a piece of static art like a painting or statue is likely to literally stand still.

However, it is likely that one should ask the question, what type of art does one wish to make? One that moves or one that stops you.
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he said that kinetic art is that which compels or repels while static art is that which holds the veiwer stationary in realization of the meaning of the piece of art.

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