What Caused Racism And Segregation And Why?


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Racism is a type of belief structure that presumes innate biological disparities between different human races, which decide one's behaviour in a cultural setting.

Racism has been a part of society and culture for a really long time now and has been regarded as a derogatory term at least since the 1940s. Racism has been used as a technique by politicians to gain votes since a while.

Anti Semitism has been a part of culture even before Hitler used it as a means to justify his actions. One cannot actually pin point the exact time that racism came about, it has been there since ancient times, in Hindu society even people from the same race were segregated into castes and the lowest caste was treated as untouchable.

Racial segregation has basically evolved from the practice of racism, and will continue to plague society until people try and open their mind's a little bit.
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Whites just couldnt take having the same rights as blacks. Good answer
peace out.

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