Are There Different Types Of Racism, And If So, Are Some Types Of Racism Worse Than Other Types?


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There are (in my opinion) 2 types of racism. One is the blatant, forthright, type of racism..such as the sheet wearing member of the KKK or the employer that refuses to hire a minority and is verbal about it (that used to happen years ago). Then there is the sneaky, under-handed type of racism. That would be the same employer who still refuses to hire a minority but does not say it aloud and uses the some excuse to hire someone more like himself. It can encompass the man who will walk by an empty seat on the bus and go to another seat that will put him closer to someone like him. Which is worse, I would have to say that the out-right nasty racist is the worst. At least, the person being discriminated against is not confronted and is not subjected to the bile of the sneaky racist. I do believe that all races have racist among them. It is not a white or black or a yellow or brown issue. All races have their racist people in them to some degree or other.

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Yes, but what about racial competition? The second type of racism that you mentioned could be an 'umbrella' for this, but I've personally come across racism that is not so much a matter of "I don't like you, my race is better", but rather, more like "hey, you're great, but I'll beat you every time".

Should this even count as racism? It's the assertion of one race's superiority over another, so I'm lumping it in, but I'm curious what people think about this.

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