What Is A Lever?


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The simplest explanation of lever is a kind of a manual machine with a bar which makes the lifting or raising of heavy things quite easy. In order to make things balance or equal, a lever is used. A weighing balance is a kind of a lever. Lever is a kind of a tool and has been used for thousands of years. Primitive man is supposed to have invented the lever, in order to transport, lift, raise or weigh heavy things such as rocks and stones. Lever is also defined as anything that helps make move a certain object by applying a minor force with the help of some other object is called lever.
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A lever is used to achieve maximum mechanical advantage much like a teeter totter.
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A bar that is used to lift nails or lumber from the wood
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Here is the definition of a lever :)
lever- a bar the is supported at one point.
The point that it is supported at is called the fulcrum. The definition of a fulcrum is
fulcrum- the point on a bar that supports a lever.

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