What Is A Half-acre?


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One half-acre is equivalent to approximately 2, 023.42821 square metres. When it is converted into square feet, one- half-acre is equivalent to about 21, 780 square feet. In other words, one acre is twice a half-acre. That is, one acre is equivalent to approximately 43, 560 square feet.

There is a true-life short adventure movie called Nature's Half-Acre. It was released in the United States of America on July 28, 1951. It belongs to the three genres, namely the documentary, the short film and the family film genres.

The outline of the plot of this classic Walt Disney nature documentary can be summarised as follows: the range of wildlife, mainly of insects and flowers, in a meadow is observed over the course of one year. It used the techniques of microphotography and time-lapse photography. It won one Academy Award and was also nominated in another category of the Academy Awards.
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A foot is a measure of distance. An acre is a measure of area. An acre is equal to 43,560 square feet. So a half acre is equal to 21,780 squre feet.

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