What Is An Acre?


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An acre is a unit of measure of land area in the US customary system of weights and measures.  An acre equals 43 560 ft2 or 1/640 of a square mile.  An acre equals 4046.8564224  m2
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The word 'acre' is a unit used to measure land and is equal to four thousand, eight hundred and forty-eight yards. The unit is primarily used in the English speaking countries and is among the most common unit of measuring land. If you take the value of one acre in terms of square feet, it stands at 43,560. If you measure it in terms of hectare which is a bigger unit, you have to take approximately 2.5 acres to form one hectare.

But sometimes you can find discrepancy in the measurement of the unit in various places of the world and when you take the Scottish acre it stands at 1.27 of British acre. If you are taking the value of the Irish acre, it variation is even more vast; it stands at 1.6 British acre.
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Well, in the layman's point of view, a land with a measurement of an acre which 43,560 sq. Ft, is equivalent to addresses of 4 houses with 4000 sq.ft. Living spaces, backyard where you can put swimming pool on it, 4 car garage, 5 to 6 big bedrooms with 4 bathrooms each very comfortably.
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4 lots

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