What Are Manipulative Movements?


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Manipulative movements are particular body movements, such as kicking or pushing; these sorts of movements are often used in sports, and they can also come into play during non-athletic activities. Most people with normal mobility will not have any difficulties with typical manipulative movements - however, there will always be some people, such as soccer legend David Beckham, who will have unparalleled skill when using these movements in competition.

  • Manipulative movements in video gaming

People who play video games will also need to use manipulative movements, especially in racing simulation games with electronic steering wheels, gear shifts, and foot pedals. Moving feet up and down to adjust acceleration and braking is another example of manipulative movements.

  • More information

When people have trouble making manipulative movements, they may need medical attention. Sometimes, a disability or underlying condition (such as MS or Parkinson's Disease) can make it difficult for a person to perform manipulative movements; however, in certain cases, medication and physiotherapy can be helpful.

  • Becoming more graceful

If someone is healthy, but simply feels uncoordinated, and would like to feel more graceful when making manipulative movements, they might want to consider a dance class (such as ballet), or a yoga class. These classes may smooth out manipulative movements and make them appear more elegant. Dance is about using the line of the body to form shapes and movements, so each part of the body is considered during the performance of a dance "step".

Learning more about the practice of manipulative movements will fall under the study field of kinesiology or anatomy. Understanding the human body, with all of its parts and functions, is the key to unlocking comprehension related to manipulative movements. Textbooks about athletics and sports medicine may also feature lots of compelling information about manipulative movements and how they are used to perform certain actions.

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