What Are The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Observation Method Of Research?


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Advantages of Observation
1. It provides a clear real picture of the object of the study
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There are both advantages and disadvantages of all types of observing. These include: Covert participant observation (CPO) and overt participant observation (OPO).
The advantages of CPO are as follows:
-less chance of hawthorne effect (this is where the participant acts in a certain way to give the researcher the results they think the research wants)
-very valid results
-sometimes, it's the only way
The disadvantages of CPO are as follows:
-may get the researcher in to dangerous situations and illegal behaviour (see james patrick: A glasgow gang observed)
-if the researcher witness crimes; do they report them?
-if the researcher has a key informant (a person who knows that the researcher is such and not actually a true part of the group) they are putting KI in danger
-can the researcher trust the KI?
-researcher can become too close and can't detach at end of observation
-participants can feel betrayed, especially of they discover the researcher
-difficult to maintain confidentiality
-can be very difficult to find a group to observe or a KI
The advantages of OPO are as follows:
-not as dangerous for the researcher
-researcher gets informed consent; making it more ethical
-it's easier to make notes as the researcher doesn't need to worry about being discovered
-can get more detailed results as the researcher can talk to the participants
The disadvantages of OPO are as follows:
-high risk of hawthorne effect
-participants have to agree to be observed
-less valid
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The Observation method of research is basically developed for observing people in their natural setting. It focuses more on their everyday normal life. There are two types of Observation methods:

- Non-Participant observation
- Participant Observation

Following are the advantages of this method:
- It helps in overcoming issues of validity, bias etc
- It is useful when the subject can not provide information.
- It is also useful when the subject is feared to provide inaccurate information.

Following are the disadvantages:
- Past events being studied
- Frequently measuring attitudes or opinions
- Selecting sample is tricky
- Time and costs are high - can be automated
- Ethical issues
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Advantages of overt observation-
it avoids ethical problem of obtaining information by deciet,
it allows the researcher to use interview methods to check insights derived from observations
can create hawthorne effect
informed consent
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You can observe and record peoples activity is an advantage.  Disadvantage is they may not act like their true self during observation.
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They can if the use hidden observation whereby the subject is unaware they are being observed

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